Journal Club: October 2010

Abdom Imaging. 2010 Oct;35(5):578-83. Epub 2009 Jul 25.

Flat lesions in CT colonography.

Lostumbo A, Suzuki K, Dachman AH.


Flat lesions have been a source of controversy because of concerns that CT colonography (CTC) is insensitive in detecting these lesions, yet they may harbor a high incidence of advanced neoplasia. The wide variation in the reported incidence of flat lesions may in part be due to the lack of a uniform definition of "flat", and in fact in many prior reports the inclusion criteria for flat are not even clearly specified. Emphasis on the more recent CTC literature suggests that when limited the target lesion to neoplasia (adenomas or adenocarcinoma), the incidence of flat lesions is low and most can be detected by CTC. Using fecal tagging and careful attention to the proper methods of searching for flat lesions with both 3D and 2D techniques can maximize the detection of flat lesions at CTC. Computer-aided detection may be helpful.